Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Cannasouth is committed to the highest levels of environmental sustainability across all aspects of our cultivation, research and business processes. It is our goal to become one of New Zealand’s most sustainable and environmentally-friendly commercial entities and to lead by example for others to incorporate sustainably-focused policies throughout their organisations.

Our planet is precious – there is no Plan B. We believe drastic change is needed to address our world-wide sustainability and environmental issues, and it starts with us – the people who walk this planet and use its finite resources.

We are committed to doing the right thing. For us that means:

  • Only using organic growing techniques wherever possible and cultivating without herbicides or pesticides, to produce our research compounds and medicines.
  • To constantly develop and improve our cultivation and manufacturing production systems to reduce energy and water use.
  • Producing cannabinoid compounds through environmentally friendly methods that do not require the use of harmful chemicals or solvents – this allows us to attain an exceptionally high level of purity in our cannabinoid research isolates
  • Building a cultivation facility that adheres to worldwide GAP (good agricultural processes)
  • Incorporating sustainable practices across all levels of our organisation, including waste minimization, packaging and recycling.